Petrostrouga refuge

Petrostrouga refuge, run by the Hellenic Rescue Team, is situated on the second most classic route of Mt. Olympus (D10). It follows the same route that leads to the Plateau of the Muses. Visitors can leave their car near the forest area of Gkortsia and follow the route through a lovely landscape among beech and pine trees. After 2 to 2.30 hours the visitor arrives at the Petrostrouga refuge that is surrounded by tall perennial robolis.

The panoramic view of the Thermaikos Gulf mesmerizes the visitor and when the weather is clear you can see a spectacular sight: in the foreground the coastline of Pieria and the first peninsula of Halkidiki. In the background lies Thessaloniki next to the Chortiatis Mountain, and further away the Falakro and Pagkaio mountains. At night the view of the town lights below is absolutely magical while in the morning the visitor can enjoy the sunrise beyond Mount Athos. Petrostrouga refuge is open all year round. It can accommodate up to 64 people on the first floor. On the ground floor there is a kitchen with a big dining room and a separate cozy common room where many stories unfold around the fireplace. From May until October it is open every day and during the winter months it is open from December to April.

Anyone interested in hiking to the Plateau of the Muses and the surrounding peaks of Olympus (Mytikas, Stefani, Skolio and Profitis Ilias), can venture out of the refuge and in 2-3 hours, following an average-ascent route, will arrive at the refuges of Giosos Apostolides and Christos Kakalos.

Around the refuge one can take short or long excursions. After a twenty minute walk, the visitor can reach the cave of Ithakisios. The cave was named after a famous Greek artist, Vasilis Ithakisios, who lived there, painting for twenty years, inspired by the aura of the Muses of Mount Olympus. One can also hike along the routes that Giosos Apostolides, considered as one of the greatest Greek climbers, first set up. There are routes for climbers that are close by, so they can practice their favorite sport from spring until autumn.

In winter, when the weather conditions are unfavorable, Petrostrouga refuge can be a relay station for anyone who wants to rest and then continue higher. Lovers of mountaineering skiing will find our refuge an ideal place, as the skiers can rest at an organized and warm place, have a meal and stay overnight. And nothing can match the joy you get by going up and down a snowy mountain with a view of the Thermaikos Gulf.
During the summer months, what will fascinate the visitor is the chance to finish the journey pleasantly by swimming at the beautiful beaches of Pieria. About thirty minutes of driving away from the mountain of the ancient Gods! A unique combination of sea and mountain, history and mythology, only few locations on earth can offer so harmoniously.

Activities: Rock Climbing, Mountaineering ski, Hiking, Winter Hiking, Trail running, Alpinism and Mountain biking.

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