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Dear ICAR community,

It is with great pleasure that we welcome you to the ICAR 2024 Congress, hosted by the Hellenic Rescue Team.

This year’s convention will be held ln Thessaloniki and on Olympus, the mountain of the Gods. Two places with long history, many legends and numerous sights to visit.

Furthermore these two locations are of great importance for our organisation. Thessaloniki is where our headquarters is based and Olympus is the mountain where Petrostrouga, our mountain refuge, is located and also where most of our mountain operations are held.

Our organisation, in fact, was formed by mountaineers who have been voluntarily providing Search and Rescue services on Olympus since 1978.
HRT was officially established as an association in 1994 and since then our volunteers have been participating in Search and Rescue operations in response to emergencies and mass disasters, whenever they take place, whether in Greece or abroad.

Team work, passion, sense of responsibility and the love of human life are the keystones for the Hellenic Rescue Team. We are committed to serving and protecting these values to the best of our abilities.

We look forward to welcoming you!

Days remaining until the Congress


ICAR Commission

ICAR provides a platform for mountain rescue and related organizations to disseminate knowledge with the prime goal of improving mountain rescue services and their safety. ICAR is an independent, worldwide organization that respects its members and promotes international cooperation.

ICAR website: www.alpine-rescue.org

Hellenic Rescue Team

Hellenic Rescue Team (HRT) is a voluntary Search and Rescue Organization, whose members have participated in missions since 1978, while since 1994 it has been run as an association.
HRT’s headquarters is based in Thessaloniki, but the organization’s network consists of 34 branches all over Greece.  Read more

HRT website: www.hrt.org.gr

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Greece’s second-biggest city is Thessaloniki, right after the country’s capital,Athens. General Kassandros of Macedonia gave it the name “Thessaloniki,” after Alexander the Great’s sister, when it was founded in 316 BC. It is encircled on the east by the Sheikh Shu forest and is constructed amphitheatrically on the hillsides of Sheikh Shu. It has a Mediterranean climate. Monuments from all eras of history are listed in Thessaloniki, with a large number dating from the ancient, Hellenistic, Roman, early Christian, and Byzantine periods. The White Tower is a well-known landmark and emblem of Thessaloniki. The Roman Market, the Galerius Arch and its mausoleum, the church of Saint Dimitrios, the city walls and fortress, numerous Byzantine churches, and numerous museums are further noteworthy landmarks.