Accompanying Person’s Program

Thessaloniki City Tour & Byzantine Museum

Available Date: Wednesday October 16th
Departure time: 08:30 a.m. from Grand Hotel Palace (venue)

The Greek port city of Thessaloniki is known for its magnificent Byzantine and Ottoman-era monuments, but many travelers never explore beyond the historic sites. On this tour, discover the city through a Thessaloniki local’s eyes and enjoy a customized itinerary for you. The tour guide will show you around the city like a friend; take you to the museums, markets, and neighborhoods that they know and love; and give you tips on where to eat, drink, and shop in the city.

We will head to the upper town the so-called “Ano Poli” and observe the impressive byzantine walls that once used to be approximately 4km in length and 10-12 meters in height surrounding and protecting the city inhabitants from invaders. Moving on, you will spot the traditional architecture by visiting the Paleochristian church of Saint Demetrios, the patron saint of the city and its catacombs.

Heading to the heart of the city center, you will learn about the Roman period by admiring the beautiful Monument of Rotunda and the famous Arch of Galerius. We will finish our tour by the sea with the landmark of the city, the White Tower, an impressive historical structure (and one of the most iconic landmarks in the region), and the statue of Alexander, the Great King of Macedonia. During our walk we will pass through Kapani Local Market (the oldest public market of Thessaloniki), a place full of flavors and aromas of the fresh ingredients of the local cuisine, we will have the opportunity to taste some of them and feel like a local Greek.

Also, explore the Museum of Byzantine Culture in Thessaloniki.

Discover the precious objects of the rich collection of the Museum of Byzantine Culture of Thessaloniki such as the tomb of Eustorgios, the wall mosaic from Acheiropeitos church, and the marble icon of the Virgin through the power of storytelling and learn historical information and uncommon stories and anecdotes from the glorious byzantine period of Thessaloniki.

Vergina & Veroia

Available Date: Wednesday October 16th
Departure time: 08:30 a.m. from Grand Hotel Palace (venue)

Visit Vergina or “Aegae “as per its ancient name, the first capital of Ancient Macedonia. Immerse yourself in the world of Alexander the Great and Greek history. Together with our professional licensed guide, we entered the New Museum of Aigai, a gate to the History of the Royal metropolis of the Macedon, which was recently inaugurated. There you will be informed about the history, the culture and the daily life of Macedons . More specifically, its exhibitions focus on the architecture, sculpture and grave goods house impressive and unique findings like ancient weapons, pottery, and precious jewelry. Here we will visit the new Museum of Aegae and the Vergina Royal Tombs, protected by Unesco.

After the visit to the Nea Museum of Aegae, we will continue our excursion to the Royal Tombs of Vergina, before entering them, we will have a short stop for lunch at Vergina Village where the Tombs are located.

Seize the opportunity to get under the tumulus that covers impressive funerary monuments like the royal tomb of Philip II, father of Alexander the Great, and houses extraordinary golden treasures dating back to 4th B.C, breathtaking scenery that will stay in your memories forever

Pella & Edessa

Available Dates: Friday October 18th 
Departure time: 08:30 a.m. from Grand Hotel Palace (venue

Visit the archaeological site of Ancient Pella, known as the old Capital of Macedonia and the birthplace of Alexander the Great.

Stroll around the 2.500 sq. mt. of symposium parlors and explore rooms with incredibly well-preserved mosaic floors of the 4th century B.C built by small natural pebbles, matched and laid in portrayed scenes such as the lion hunt of God Dionysos riding a panther. A whole city was revealed after excavations in 1957, well preserved in time, giving you the opportunity to use your imagination and along with history knowledge provided by the experienced guide to picture the predominance of the Ancient Kingdom of Macedonia.

Next point of interest is the so called “City of Water”, the magnificent Edessa. Take some time for yourself and admire the breathtaking waterfall “Karano”, the frothy rivers with over 47 bridges and the cute little parks. All combined creates a fairytale scenery of an outdoor water museum.